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On this page, we will post everything interesting, beautiful, cool, exciting, yummy and fun we found around Lake Biwa!

Shigaraki Fire Festival 信楽火祭り

As dusk fell, the town centre of Shigaraki is filled with a magical atmosphere. Dimly lit paper lanterns line … Read more

Nagisa Park (in Moriyama)

Rape blossoms on a snow-covered field

About 15km north of Nagisa Park in Otsu City (see the previous post), on the eastern shore near the narrowest … Read more

Nagisa Park (in Otsu)

Nagisa Park facing Lake Biwa, Mt. Hiei and Mt. Hira

Got tired with concrete jungles in Osaka and tourist-packed streets in Kyoto? Away from the hectic atmosphere … Read more

End of 2013

Picture board at Hiyoshitaisha

The year 2013 is coming to an end, and 2014 is approaching. According to Japanese Zodiac (which refers to 12-y … Read more

Tarobo-gu (Aga Shrine)


Today’s post is about Tarobo-gu, a Shinto shrine in the plain east of Lake Biwa. In Shinto (Japan’s inde … Read more

Autumn leaves at Hiyoshitaisha

Autumn leaves and stone wall

Autumn has deepened around Lake Biwa. The trees are now ablaze with beautiful scarlet, orange and yellow. Alon … Read more

Mikami-yama (Omi-Fuji)

Mikami-yama from the western shore

From almost everywhere around the southern portion of Lake Biwa, you will see a beautifully symmetrical mounta … Read more

Oki-shima (3)

"Torii" gate at Itsuku-shima Shrine

(Continued from the previous post) With most of its land being hilly and forest, Oki-shima boasts rich wildlif … Read more

Oki-shima (2)

Fish traps beside the lane

(Continued from the previous post) Although the island has few so-called “tourist attractions”, walking around … Read more

Oki-shima (1)

Oki-shima Port

Lake Biwa contains four islands. Oki-shima, located by the eastern shore of the middle portion of the lake, is … Read more