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On this page, we will post everything interesting, beautiful, cool, exciting, yummy and fun we found around Lake Biwa!

Shigaraki Fire Festival 信楽火祭り

As dusk fell, the town centre of Shigaraki is filled with a magical atmosphere. Dimly lit paper lanterns line along streets, and rhythmical pounding of Taiko drums echoes throughout the town. Shigaraki Fire Festival, probably the biggest annual event of this small but worldly famous pottery-making town, fell on July 26th this year. As fire … Read more

Tarobo-gu (Aga Shrine)


Today’s post is about Tarobo-gu, a Shinto shrine in the plain east of Lake Biwa. In Shinto (Japan’s indegenous religion) belifes, the sacred represent natural phenomenon. Since ancient times, people have worshipped mountains, rocks, waterfalls, rivers, trees and many other things in nature as the home of deities, or as deities themselves. It is more … Read more

Ishiyama-dera temple

The Main Hall

Located on the side of a mountain facing Seta River, the ancient temple complex of Ishiyama-dera has been overlooking the southern edge of Lake Biwa and water slowly flowing from there for over 1,200 years. As the name Ishiyama — literally a stony mountain — represents, one major feature of the temple is its rocky … Read more